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Red-Eyed Invaders (20-28)

Description: The red eyes of the Maille Lizardmen behold the dark shadows cast by war-ravaged Gludio Castle.
Start NPC: [Guard] Babenco
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Green Colored Lure (High Grade)  - 60
item Baby Duck Rod  - 1
item Fishing Shot (No-Grade)  - 500
item Exp  - 62366
item SP  - 2783

1Invaders of Gludio
Guard Babenco of the Town of Gludio has recently noticed increased movements of Lizardmen on the west side of town and he's seeking recruits to help defeat them. All volunteers should report to Captain Bathis.\
NPC: Captain Bathis
2Destroy the Maille Lizardmen's Vanguard
Taking advantage of confusion after the war, a savage tribe, Maille Lizardman, that came into the center of Gludio is gaining its power. Captain Bathis orders you to destroy the Maille Lizardmen's vanguard and bring 100 Red Bone Necklaces and 100 Black Bone Necklaces as the evidence.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Maille Lizardman, Maille Lizardman Scout, Maille Lizardman Guard\
NPC: Maille Lizardmen Vanguard
item 100
item 100
3Drumbeats of Victory
You've destroyed the Maille Lizardmen. Take your trophies to Captain Bathis.\
NPC: Captain Bathis
4Search for Clues
When Captain Bathis received the report that Arachnids showed up during the previous battle, he suspected that there might be a conspiracy between the Maille Lizardmen and the Arachnids. He has asked you to investigate the possibility of a relationship between them. Investigate both sides and look for evidence of a conspiracy. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Maille Lizardman Guards, Maille Lizardman Scouts and Giant Arachnids\
NPC: Source of Riddles
item 30
item 30
5Conspiracy Revealed
After much searching, you've discovered the clues to the conspiracy! Return to Captain Bathis.\
NPC: Captain Bathis


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