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Make Formal Wear (60+)

Description: You visited Alexis to have some formal wear made, but learned that her maid, Leikar, makes it better than she does. Go and see Leikar.
Start NPC: [Accessory Merchant] Alexis
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Formal Wear  - 1

1Finding Leikar
Trader Alexis says Leikar makes great formal wear and tells you to visit her.\
NPC: Leikar
2Leikar's Request
Leikar asks you to run errands for her while she's making the formal wear. Visit Jeremy and get some cookies.\
NPC: Jeremy
3Jeremy's Errands
Jeremy asks you to deliver wine to Mist while he's baking cookies.\
NPC: Mist
4Return to Jeremy
You've delivered the wine to Mist. Return to Jeremy and get the cookies.\
NPC: Jeremy
5Leikar's Errands
Jeremy made you the cookies that Leikar asked for. Carefully deliver them.\
NPC: Leikar
6Leikar's Request
Leikar says she ordered the materials for the formal wear, but they've not yet been delivered and she asks you to check on them. Ask Blacksmith Ferris in the Town of Aden about the sewing kit, Radia in Giran Castle Town about the fabrics, Ellie in Giran Castle Town about the gems.\
NPC: Leikar
item 1
item 1
item 1
7Making Shoes
Leikar asks you to go to Trader Woodley in the Town of Aden and have the dress shoes made while she's making the formal wear.\
NPC: Leikar


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