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Make a Sewing Kit (60+)

Description: Leikar asks you to visit Ferris in the Town of Aden and make a sewing kit. You'll need an extraordinary ingredient to make it.
Start NPC: [Head Blacksmith] Ferris
Restrictions: Signet Ring

item Sewing Kit  - 1

1Get Reinforced Steel
Ferris needs enchanted iron and asks you to catch an Enchanted Iron Golem in the Ivory Tower and bring him 5 fragments of the golem.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Enchanted Iron Golem\
NPC: Reinforced Steel Golem
item 5
2Return to Ferris
You've attained 5 fragments from the Enchanted Iron Golem. Return to Ferris.\
NPC: Ferris
3Gather Ingredients
Ferris asks for 10 artisan's molds and 10 oriharukon to make a sewing kit.\
NPC: Ferris
item 10
item 10


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