High Five

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Find Glittering Jewelry (60+)

Description: Leikar asks you to go to Ellie and get the gem from her, but Ellie says that she didn't finish because her delivery didn't arrive.
Start NPC: [Accessory Merchant] Ellie
Restrictions: Signet Ring

item Gem Box  - 1

1Go to Felton
Ellie says the ore that she ordered haven't arrived and asks you to visit Felton and find out when her order will arrive.\
NPC: Felton
2Sail for Alligator Beach
Felton suggests you go to Alligator Beach to get the ore by hunting Alligators. Bring back 10 ore.\
NPC: Alligator
item 10
3Return to Ellie
You've got 10 ore. Return to Ellie and ask her to make them into gems.\
NPC: Ellie
4Ingredients to Cut Gems
Ellie says she needs more materials and asks you to bring her 5 oriharukon, 500 units of silver and 150 thons.\
NPC: Ellie
item 500
item 5
item 150


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