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In Search of Cloth (60+)

Description: Radia says that the ingredients she needs haven't arrived yet. She asks you to go to the Town of Gludio and check on her delivery.
Start NPC: [Warrior-use Armor Merchant] Radia
Restrictions: Signet Ring

item Mysterious Cloth  - 1

1Go to Varan
Radia hasn't begun work because the ingredients that she ordered haven't been delivered yet. Visit Trader Varan and check on her delivery.\
NPC: Trader Varan
2Return to Radia
Varan says it is difficult to get the supply and he cannot deliver the order on the due date and asks for understanding.\
NPC: Radia
3Go to Ralford
Radia says she'll contact Ralford in the Ivory Tower in advance and asks you to get the materials from her.\
NPC: Ralford
4Squash the Spiders
Ralford doesn't have the items that Radia ordered, but she could get the spidersilk if she had some spinnerets. Go to the Sea of Spores and get 10 spinnerets.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Trisalims, Trisalim Tarantulas\
NPC: Trisalim
item 10
5Go to Ralford
You've hunted Trisalims and Trisalim Tarantulas and obtained 10 spinnerets. Return to Ralford and ask her to spin out the spidersilk.\
NPC: Ralford
6Return to Radia
Ralford makes you the spidersilk and asks you to bring him 3,000 units of suede and 5,000 thread.\
NPC: Radia
item 3000
item 5000


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