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Make a Pair of Dress Shoes (60+)

Description: While making formal wear, Leikar asks you to go to Trader Woodley and get some dress shoes. Woodley doesn't make them, however.
Start NPC: [Armor Merchant] Woodley
Restrictions: Signet Ring

item Dress Shoe Box  - 1

1Meet Leikar
Woodley asks you to meet Leikar and get the materials for the formal wear she's making. Find Leikar and get some fabric.\
NPC: Leikar
2Meet Woodley
Leikar doesn't have any more of the formal wear fabric, but she's willing to make some for Woodley if you tell him it's the one that she made long ago.\
NPC: Woodley
3Gather Ingredients
Woodley needs materials to make the dress shoes and asks you to bring him 200 leather, 600 thread and 500,000 adena.\
item 600
item 200
4Woodley's Errands
Woodley asks you to deliver 300,000 adena to Ian to pay off the balance on his account while he's making the dress shoes.\
NPC: Ian
5Meet Woodley
Ian accepts the payment and asks you to tell Woodley that he will charge interest next time.\
NPC: Woodley


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