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Chest Caught with a Bait of Fire (60-62)

Description: Fishing Guild Member Linnaeus asks you to find a missing box. Its owner dropped it near the water. Keep an eye out for it while you're fishing. If you find it, feel free to open it up so that you'll know who to return it to. This is an one-time quest.
Start NPC: [Fishing Guild Member] Linnaeus
Restrictions: Completion of Linnaeus' Special Bait quest

item Necklace of Protection C - 1

1Red treasure chest
Fishing Guild Member Linnaeus asks you to find a Red Treasure Chest. Its owner dropped it in the water. You could try to fish it out with special bait ergonomically designed to attract a "Red Treasure Chest", or you could ask around to see if anyone's already found it.\
NPC: Linnaeus
item 1
2Rukal's Musical Score
Using the Flaming Fishing Lure that Linnaeus gave yo you managed to snag a box. It contains a single musical note. Who has time for music in this war-stricken world other than a few aristocrats? Take it to Rukal in the Town of Dion. \
NPC: Rukal
item 1


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