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Chest Caught with a Bait of Icy Air (36-38)

Description: Fishing Guild Member O'Fulle asks you to find a missing box. Its owner dropped it near the water. Keep an eye out for it while you're fishing. If you find it, feel free to open it up so that you'll know who to return it to. This is an one-time quest.
Start NPC: [Fishing Guild Member] O'Fulle
Restrictions: Completion of O'Fulle's Special Bait quest

item Elven Ring D - 1

1Searching For a Strange Box
O'Fulle asks you to find a yellow treasure chest. Its owner lost it in the water. If your fishing skill is at least level 12, try using a special bait to find it, or, you could ask around to see if anyone has already found it.
NPC: O'Fulle
item 1
2Delivering Kiki's Letter
You find a letter when you open the yellow chest. Take it to Mineral Trader Kiki at the Blacksmith Shop in the village. \
NPC: Kiki
item 1


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