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Chest Caught with a Bait of Wind (27-29)

Description: Lanosco asks you to look for a lost treasure chest. He thinks it was probably dropped into the water. You should try fishing for it. When you find it, open it up to see what it contains and then return it to its original owner. One time quest.
Start NPC: [Fishing Guild Member] Lanosco
Restrictions: Completion of Lanosco's Special Bait quest

item Black Pearl Ring D - 1

1A Strange Box
Lanosco asks you to look for a large blue treasure chest. You should use the special bait he gave you to find it. You can also ask around to see if anyone has already found the chest.
NPC: Lanosco
item 1
2An Unusual Golem Blueprint
When you open the large blue treasure chest, you find an unusual Golem Blueprint. Take it to Shaling at the Blacksmith Shop in the Town of Dion. \
NPC: Shaling
item 1


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