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It Smells Delicious! (82+)

Description: A delicious smell comes from the Sel Mahum Training Grounds, which Guard Stan of Oren Village is curious about.
Start NPC: [Guard] Stan
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 147656
item Exp  - 716238
item SP  - 78324

1Find out what is causing that delicious smell.
Guard Stan of Oren Village wants to know about the smell coming out of the Sel Mahum Training Grounds. Go through the pockets of Sel Mahum Chef and Sel Mahum Squad Leaders to see if you can find information about the Sel Mahum's new stew.\
NPC: Sel Mahum Training Grounds
item 10
item 5
2Possible clues to the soup found.
Gathered information from Sel Mahum. Go back and speak to Guard Stan of Oren Village.\
NPC: Guard Stan


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