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Hiding Behind the Truth (66+)

Description: The conspiracy has been exposed. What would have been a complete tragedy was only saved by the fact that she survived because of the experiment.
Start NPC: [Priest] Benedict
Restrictions: Completion of the Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead quest

item Exp  - 572277
item SP  - 53750

1Put On a Poker Face
The Priest of Rune Castle has nothing to say.\
NPC: Priest Benedict
2Lost Doll
You lost the suspicious doll? Could you have lost it in Forest of the Dead?!\
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
item 1
3To the Rune Township Temple
You received the totem from the Mysterious Wizard again. Return to Priest Benedict and tell him what's on your mind!\
NPC: Priest Benedict
4Take Me to the Leader
Benedict says that the highest-ranking person in the temple is High Priest Agripel. He tells you to talk to him.\
NPC: High Priest Agripel
5To the Dark Mage
High Priest Agripel has nothing else to say and orders you to return to the man who sent you here before he gives you the key.\
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
6Key to the Gem
One of the bookshelves discarded in this forest has a lock that matches the key. Find it.\
7The Suspicious Enemy Attacks
Suddenly, a strange enemy shows up and attacks you. Fight it.\
8Investigation of the Bookshelf
You've defeated the mysterious devil. Search the bookshelves again.\
9A Scrap of Truth
A sheet of paper was inside the jewelry box. Go to the girl who recorded everything and ask her about it. If it remains unclear, seek help from the Mysterious Wizard.\
10The Omniscient One
The girl who recorded everything is the one who knows Nidrah's true name! What could it be?\
NPC: Maid of Lidia
11Lost Red Dress
Lidia's maid said that she must find the dress that Rose was wearing before she fainted! Where could it be? Where is Rose buried?\
NPC: Tombstone
item 1
12What's in the Coffin?
When you dig under the tombstone, you find a coffin. Open it!\
NPC: Tombstone
item 1
13To My Dear, Injured Lady
You've got the red dress. Return to Lidia's maid.\
NPC: Maid of Lidia
14Lost in Memories
Lidia's maid asks you to leave her alone for a while. Return to her later.\
NPC: Maid of Lidia
15A Shocking Confession
Lidia's maid revealed a shocking fact and told you to speak with Hardin if you wanted the details.\
NPC: Hardin
16Triol's Conspiracy
Hardin tells you what happened to Lidi and says you should speak with High Priest Agripel in the temple if you're still angry.\
NPC: False Priest Agripel
17The Benandanti Cartel
The conspiracy of the Benandanti cartel is just beginning. Say goodbye to Lidia.\
NPC: Lidia
18The Benandanti Cartel
The conspiracy of the Benandanti cartel is just beginning. Meet Hardin and ask him what to do about them.\
NPC: Hardin


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