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I'm the Only One You Can Trust (81+)

Description: Bounty Hunter Kintaijin, who is staying near the Stakato Nest, is seeking an adventurer for a mission. To receive this mission, you must first prove your abilities...
Start NPC: [Bounty Hunter] Kintaijin
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 147200
item Exp  - 589542
item SP  - 36800
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Stakato Hunt
Bounty Hunter Kintaijin wants you to weed out the Stakatos that stand in the way of him finding Haari. Kill 25 Stakatos and bring your proof back to Kintaijin.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Spiked Stakato, Cannibalistic Stakato\
NPC: Stakato Nest
item 25
2Return to Kintaijin
You've collected the fangs that Kintaijin has requested. Return to him at once.\
NPC: Bounty Hunter Kintaijin


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