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Inhabitants of the Forest of the Dead (65+)

Description: Something horrible happened in what is now known as the Cursed Village. Was the Lady Lidia responsible for these tragic events? What or who was behind the tragedy of the Hellmann Forest if not her?
Start NPC: Dorian
Restrictions: Completion of Lidia's Heart quest

item Exp  - 242105
item SP  - 22529

1Flowers for the tombstone
Dorian greets you and asks you to lay the flowers at the tombstone.\
NPC: Tombstone
2Return to Dorian
You put down the flowers at the tombstone. Return to Dorian.\
NPC: Dorian
3Things That Go Bump in the Night
Dorian asks you to find out what happens in this town at night.\
NPC: Cursed Village
4Things That Go Bump in the Night
The villagers become vampires at night! Return to Dorian at daylight and tell him.\
NPC: Dorian
5Maid of Lords
Dorian is shocked, then tells you to meet the Lord's maid. She shows up only at night.\
NPC: Maid of Lidia
6Letter of Lords
Lidia's maid asks you to come back after reading the letter from her master.\
NPC: Maid of Lidia
7Lost Hairpin
Where is that hairpin? Go town and ask around.\
NPC: Dorian
item 1
8Recovered Hairpin
You've found the hairpin. Wait until it's dark and meet Lidia's maid.\
NPC: Maid of Lidia
9Suspicious Doll
Lidia's maid tells you to hunt the Magus of the Dark Arts, take away their suspicious doll and ask the master of the Magus of Dark Arts about it.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Bone Snatchers, Bone Shapers, Bone Collectors, Bone Animators, Bone Slayers, Skull Collectors, Skull Animators\
NPC: Forest of the Dead
item 1
10Mystic of Riddles
You've obtained a suspicious doll. Speak with the Mysterious Wizard who controls the Dark Mages.\
NPC: Mysterious Wizard
11Gathering Thoughts
The Mystic tells you to come back again when you're sure. Gather your thoughts and try talking to him again.\
NPC: Mysterious Wizard


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