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Won't You Join Us? (82+)

Description: Priestess Athenia of the Ritual Site of Purge is seeking trusted adventurers. They say you can earn his trust by taking care of a simple problem...
Start NPC: [Priestess] Athenia
Restrictions: Completion of the Winds of Change quest

item Adena  - 283346
item Exp  - 1319736
item SP  - 103553

1Protecting the Field
Athenia needs proof of your dedication. She has asked that you travel north to the Fields of Silence. Once there, destroy 10 Waste Landfill Machines and bring back pieces of their remains as proof of your commitment.\ \ Destroy target - Waste Landfill Machine\
NPC: Vicinity of the Field of Silence Research Center
item 10
2Return to Athenia
You have completed the task that Athenia has assigned to you. Take the 10 Destroyed Machine Pieces you salvaged from the Landfill Machines and show Athenia that you mean business.\
NPC: Priestess Athenia
3One More Task
Athenia has asked you to do one more thing for her. She wants you to destroy 20 of Dr. Helvetica's golems located north of the Fields of Silence. By doing this, you should obtain her complete trust.\ Monsters to be hunted - Suppressors, Exterminators\
NPC: Vicinity of the Field of Silence Research Center
item 20
4Prove Your Worth
You defeated 20 of Helvetica's golem army. Go back to Priestess Athenia and see what she has to say.\
NPC: Priestess Athenia


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