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Lidia's Heart (64+)

Description: A girl knows the truth. The night she became a vampire, a tragedy befell the von Hellmann family.
Start NPC: [High Priest] Innocentin
Restrictions: Completion of Tragedy of the Hellmann Forest quest.

item Adena  - 350000
item Exp  - 456893
item SP  - 42112

1Treasure Hunter Investigation
Innocentin gives you the map and key left by the Treasure Hunter he hired and asks you to find out what he wanted.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
2Key with the Silver Spear
You remember seeing a silver spear engraved on a lock somewhere. This might be where the key fits.\
3What the Treasure Hunter Left Behind
You've found the lock that matches the silver key. Open it and figure out what he was investigating.\
NPC: Broken Bookshelf
item 1
item 1
4Lidia's Diary
Lidia left behind two things. Check her diary for their meaning and return to High Priest Innocentin.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
5Reading the Diary
Innocentin tells you to talk to him again after reading Lidia's diary.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
6Sleep of the Dead
You let Innocentin know about the past. Return to let the ghost rest.\
NPC: Tombstone
7What's Under the Tombstone?
The ghost thanks you for Lidia's diary and tells you to take what you find under the tombstone to a town at the center of the forest.\
NPC: Tombstone
8Towards the Cursed Town
You found the key with a silver spear engraved on it under the tombstone. Take it to the hidden town at the center of the forest.\
NPC: Violet
9What's in the Box?
Violet asks you to open the box at the center of the forest with the key and bring back the contents.\
NPC: Box
10Silver Key
The box had a silver spear. Take it to Violet in the Cursed Village.\
NPC: Violet


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