High Five

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Tragedy in Von Hellmann Forest (63+)

Description: The Priest requested necromancy. What is the tragedy of Hellmann Forest? Some die and some are made quite wealthy.
Start NPC: [Grand Magister] Tifaren
Restrictions: Completion of the Hidden Truth quest.

item Exp  - 345966
item SP  - 31578

When you ask about necromancy, Tifaren rebuffs you. Continue to try and persuade her.\
NPC: Grand Magister Tifaren
2The Crucifix Vanishes
You need Einhasad's crucifix to perform necromancy. Where did he drop it? Ask High Priest Innocentin.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
item 1
3Find Tifaren
Innocentin gives you the crucifix and tells you to speak with Grand Magister Tifaren and perform the necromancy.\
NPC: Grand Magister Tifaren
4Catalyst of Necromancy
You need an Elven skull as a catalyst for necromancy. Hunt zombies or ghosts in the Forest of the Dead.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Slaughter Executioner, Trampled Man, Sacrificed Man\
NPC: Forest of the Dead
item 1
5Return to Tifaren
You've got the catalyst for necromancy. Return to Grand Magister Tifaren in the Rune Township library.\
NPC: Grand Magister Tifaren
6Busy Magister
Tifaren is too busy. Ask later when she has some time.\
NPC: Grand Magister Tifaren
The necromancy worked. It lasts for only 2 minutes, so finish your business with the ghost before it disappears.\
NPC: Ghost of Priest
8What the Ghost Said
The ghost says Innocentin used to investigate Mystics. Return to High Priest Innocentin.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
9Ghost of Adventurer
The Adventurer was called a devil worshiper and his ghost still shows up at the well. Go there and get the results of his investigation.\
NPC: Ghost of Adventurer
10Drag Time
He asks you to buy him some time at the well. Face the soul of the well until the gem color changes!\
item 1
11Color-changing Gem
The color of the gem has changed! Talk to the ghost after defeating or escaping the soul.\
NPC: Ghost of Well
12Report in the Well
It says the report is near the entrance of the well. Get it.\
NPC: Well
item 1
13Return to Ghost of Adventurer
You've got the report. Talk to the ghost.\
NPC: Ghost of Adventurer
14Report of Ghost
The first seal of the report has been broken. Take it to High Priest Innocentin in the Rune Township.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
15Checking the Report
Innocentin says he wants to check the contents. Return later.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin
16Consultation of High Priest
The ghost left records of the war in the Forest of the Dead. Innocentin has the story.\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin


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