High Five

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Hidden Truth (63+)

Description: The Forest of the Dead. A sleepless ghost lives in the deep darkness. The conspiracy is born.
Start NPC: Mysterious Wizard
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - 131228
item SP  - 11978

1Dark Mage Depression
The Dark Mage is troubled by a ghost's moaning. Perhaps the sound is coming from a nearby tombstone.\
NPC: Tombstone
2Ghost of Tombstone
As you read the epitaph, the ghost appears. Ask why he's wandering about.\
NPC: Ghost of von Hellmann
3Follow the Ghostly Page
The Ghost of von Hellmann says he'll send you a page to guide you. Follow the page.\
4A Place of Sleeping Rage
The Ghost of von Hellmann gives directions in a rage.\
NPC: Broken Bookshelf
5Something's Hidden in the Bookshelf
The book was about the Forest of the Dead. Anything else? Flip through some more pages.\
NPC: Broken Bookshelf
6To the Rune Township Temple
When you touched the crucifix, you thought you heard someone telling you to visit a Priest of Einhasad located in the Rune Township temple. Go there quickly.\
NPC: Einhasad Temple
7Find Innocentin
Innocentin was not at the Rune Castle Temple. Could he be around the library?\
NPC: High Priest Innocentin


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