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What Women Want (2-5)

Description: Arujien, a young man in the Elven Village, adores Magister Greenis with all his heart, but no one knows if Greenis returns his affections.
Start NPC: Arujien
Restrictions: Elf, Human

item Adena  - 1850
item Mystic's Earring  - 1
item Exp  - 4254
item SP  - 335

1Arujien's Letter
Arujien confesses to you that he has pined for Magister Greenis for a long time. He asks you to find out if Greenis returns his affection. Meet with her younger sister, Gatekeeper Mirabel, and show her Arujien's letter.\
NPC: Gatekeeper Mirabel
2Uncle Herbiel
Gatekeeper Mirabel says that she doesn't get involved in her sister's affairs. She suggests that you ask Trader Herbiel. You will find him in a magic shop. Show him Arujien's Letter.\
NPC: Trader Herbiel
3Uncle's Advice
Trader Herbiel thinks that Magister Greenis likes Arujien. Go back to Arujien and give him the good news.\
NPC: Arujien
4Feelings that Have Turned into a Poem
Arujien says that he's written a book of poetry for Greenis. Take Arujien's poetry book to Magister Greenis.\
NPC: Magister Greenis
5Letter of Refusal
Magister Greenis informs you that she loves another. Take Greenis' letter of refusal to Arujien.\
NPC: Arujien


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