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Lost Dream (42+)

Description: Kusto in the Town of Giran wants to find the Cruma mentioned in the decoded metal plateвА¶ (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
Start NPC: [Head Blacksmith] Kusto
Restrictions: Completion of the Nikola's Heart quest.

item Adena  - 109427
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Trace of Cruma
Kusto says the metal plate is a research log containing information about a creature called the Cruma. Speak with Magister Juris for more information.\
NPC: Magister Juris
2Lost Clue
Juris says it is no longer possible to find a living Cruma. Tell Kusto about this. \
NPC: Kusto
3To Lorain
Exploration in Cruma has been halted. Bring the news to Lorain. \
NPC: Lorain
4Gesture of Reconciliation
Lorain asks you to take the news to Nikola. Will they be able to reconcile now?\
NPC: Nikola
5The Last Step
Nikola believes that he and Lorain can reconcile at last. Your work here is done. Return to Kusto for your reward.\
NPC: Kusto


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