High Five

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Into the Large Cavern (17-21)

Description: Hierarch Kekropus says you should meet someone who communicates through the Icons.
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Kekropus
Restrictions: Kamael of level 20 or lower who hasn't completed 1st Class Transfer, and has completed the Iconic T

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Go to N
Kekropus said that, to meet N, you need to defeat the Tiberias deep inside the Nordill's garden, and use the keys of Tiberias to open the main public gate and get in. There are three doors inside and each door's password is the same as the ones when communicating with N previously. The previous communication password of the statue of goddess is "CRTR," present password "CNCL," and the future goddess's password is "CHAOS." \
NPC: Nornil Garden Entrance


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