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The Way of the Warrior (10+)

Description: You can become a Kamael Warrior only by successfully completing the Way of the Warrior. Hierarch Kekropus is organizing the rite.
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Kekropus
Restrictions: Kamael

item Adena  - 8799
item Lesser Healing Potion  - 100
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Battle  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Love  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Solitude  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of the Feast  - 10
item Echo Crystal - Theme of Celebration  - 10
item Warrior's Sword  - 1
item Exp  - 20739
item SP  - 1777

1Preparation for a Ritual
Kekropus asks you to visit Perwan and finish preparations for a Ritual. Go to Perwan.\
NPC: Perwan
Perwan requires 5 Wolf Tails from the Hills of Gold for the ritual. \ \ Monster to Hunt - Mountain Werewolf.\
NPC: Hills of Gold
item 5
3Return to Perwan
You have obtained all the Wolf Tails. Return to Perwan.\
NPC: Perwan
item 5
4Go to Kekropus
Perwan asks you to go to Kekropus and listen to what is mentioned during the preparations for the rite. Go to Kekropus.\
NPC: Kekropus
5Return to Perwan
Kekropus says that all of the complicated preparations are to make hunting safer. Everything should be ready by now. Return to Perwan. \
NPC: Perwan
6Return to Kekropus
Work is done. Go meet the Hierarch Kekropus. \
NPC: Kekropus
7Go and get the Muertos
Kekropus wants you to hunt down the Muertos in the Hills of Gold and bring back 10 of their claws, to prove the strength and bravery of warriors. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Muertos Archers, Muertos Guards, Muertos Scouts, Muertos Warriors, Muertos Guard Captain, Muertos Lieutenant, and the Muertos Warrior Commander.\
NPC: Muertos
item 10
8Return to Kekropus
You have collected the 10 Muertos Claws that Kekropus asked for. You should return to Kekropus. \
NPC: Kekropus
item 10


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