High Five

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To the Isle of Souls (0+)

Description: Leave the hustle and bustle of Giran behind and return to the isle of Souls
Start NPC: [Weapon Merchant] Galladucci
Restrictions: Completion of the New Horizons Quest

item Scroll of Escape: Kamael Village  - Undecided

1A Favor for Galladucci
In order to safely return to the Isle of Souls, you must complete a favor for Trader Galladucci. Go to Magic Trader Gentler's Magic Shop and pick up the item Galladucci ordered.\
NPC: Magic Trader Gentler
2Delivering the Item
You have obtained the item Galladucci ordered from Magic Trader Gentler. Now hurry and deliver it to Galladucci.\
NPC: Trader Galladucci


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