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Acts of Evil (27-32)

Description: Menacing evil spirits increasingly threaten the peace of Gludio! Unmask and destroy the conspiracy between the Turek Orcs and the Ol Mahums in the northern part of the territory!
Start NPC: [Guard] Alvah
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 95000
item Exp  - 159820
item SP  - 9182

1Stolen Cargo
A cargo wagon transporting goods to the Dark Forest was ambushed by Turek Orcs. Guard Alvah requests that you recover the stolen cargo. You should first speak with Trader Arodin at the weapons shop in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Trader Arodin
2Recovery of the Stolen Cargo
This quest involves recovering a cargo of sword molds stolen by Turek Orcs. Recover 20 of them and take them to the Dark Elven trader named Tyra. She can be found in the west, near the Altar of Rites. Monsters to be hunted - Turek Orc Footmen, Turek Orc Suppliers, Turek Orc Skirmishers, and Turek Orc Archers.\
NPC: Orc Barracks
item 20
3Tyra's Bill
You have recovered the stolen cargo and delivered it to Tyra. Take the letter she gave to Trader Arodin in Gludin Village.\
NPC: Trader Arodin
4Arodin's Request Has Been Fulfilled
You have fulfilled Trader Arodin's request. Now report back to Guard Alvah.\
NPC: Guard Alvah
5Find the Missing Patrolman!
A patrolman assigned to conduct surveillance on the Ol Mahums has gone missing. He was last seen by Guard Alvah, hiding from pursuing Ol Mahums in the Ruins of Agony. You are asked to investigate. Begin by confronting the tumran bugbears that are found there.\
NPC: Ruins of Agony
item 1
item 1
item 1
item 1
6Proof Regarding Suspicious Activities
It is becoming obvious that the Ol Mahums and Dwarven traders have formed an alliance. Until definite proof is found of this, however, it cannot be brought before the Dwarven guild. Go and get evidence of this unholy alliance from the Ol Mahum generals in the Abandoned Camp.\
NPC: Abandoned Camp
item 1
item 1
7Who's Pulling the Strings?
The document you secured from the Ol Mahums must be evidence of their agreement with the Dwarves. You must determine the true identity of the Dwarf who signed this paper. Neti in Gludin Village may have some information for you.\
NPC: Neti
8Identity of the Betrayer
Now we know that the Dwarven trader Rolento was the one who signed the weapons trade agreement with the Ol Mahums. Go and find him at the south entrance of the Wastelands.\
NPC: Trader Rolento
9Information about the Invasion Plan
Rolento explains that if you will deliver some cargo to the Turek Orcs on his behalf, you may be able to obtain their invasion plans. Take the cargo and the Dwarven guild mark to Turek Chief Burai in the Orc barracks.\
NPC: Turek Chief Burai
10Punishment of Ol Mahums
Turek Chief Burai is enraged to learn of the Ol Mahums' deception. He offers to cancel the invasion of Gludin Village if you will join him and his forces in the destruction of the Ol Mahums. Kill 30 Ol Mahum captains and take their heads to Turek Chief Burai.\
NPC: Abandoned Camp
item 30
11Fight between Orcs and Ol Mahums
The Orc invasion of Gludin Village has been averted. Report to Guard Alvah.\
NPC: Guard Alvah


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