High Five

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Offspring of Nightmares (15-20)

Description: Magister Vlasty is researching the ancient monster known as the dark horror.
Start NPC: [Magister] Vlasty
Restrictions: Dark Elf

item Bone Gaiters  - 1
item Adena  - 17040
item Exp  - 17475
item SP  - 818

1True Nature of Dark Horrors
Magister Vlasty is researching the dark horror, an undead monster. He needs unbroken skulls for the research, and asks you to hunt dark horrors and bring the skulls back to him. Dark horrors are found in the swamps southwest of the village. Even broken skulls will fetch you some adena.\
NPC: Swampland
item -1
item 1
2Return to Magister Vlasty
You have obtained intact skulls of dark horrors. Take them to Magister Vlasty for a reward. He also pays for broken skulls, but not as much.\
NPC: Magister Vlasty


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