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Shilen's Hunt (3-7)

Description: The Mass of Darkness in honor of Shilen is about to begin. Prepare for the Hunt of Glory! Take your bows and arrows and find offerings for the Mother of Abyss!
Start NPC: [Sentry] Nelsya
Restrictions: Dark Elf

item Lesser Healing Potion  - 5
item Exp  - 1000

1Shilen's Hunt
Shilen's Hunt will soon be held in the Dark Elf Village. Wild game will be hunted and offered as an sacrifice. The hunter who obtains 13 dark bezoars will receive a reward given by the Abyssal Celebrants. Hunt keltirs and wolves, obtain 13 dark bezoars and take them to Sentry Nelsya. Hunt young brown keltirs, brown keltirs, ashen wolves and elder brown keltirs.\
NPC: Shilen's Garden
item 13
2Best Hunter Award
You've collected all 13 dark bezoars. Take them to Sentry Nelsya immediately and claim your prize and the honor of being this year's best hunter.\
NPC: Sentry Nelsya


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