High Five

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Blood Fiend (21-26)

Description: Bloody Lord Kirunak, the leader of the dark ones, killed many brave Elven warriors at the final battle of the Underground Fortress! Legend says that he still lurks near that ruined battlefield! Arise, Elven warriors! Revenge is ours at last!
Start NPC: [Accessory Merchant] Creamees
Restrictions: Excluding Dark Elf

item Adena  - 42130
item Exp  - 35637
item SP  - 1854

1Creamees' Revenge
Trader Creamees' friends and family were all killed by the dark side. Kirunak, the leader of the dark side, still lurks within the Underground Fortress. Creamees asks you to seek revenge upon Kirunak.\
NPC: Elven Fortress
item 1
2Who summoned Kirunak?
With his dying breath, Kirunak tells you that his contract with Trader Creamees has been fulfilled. Wasn't it a Dark Elf who originally summoned Kirunak? Return to Creamees and find out what happened.\
NPC: Trader Creamees


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