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Legacy of the Poet (11-15)

Description: Rumiel Moonshine, an amazing poet, entertains his companions with dark poetry, detailing the dread and sorrow of war. Alas, he succumbed too young to the violence he so eloquently described. But his soul lives on in his writings, hidden amongst the ruins of the Underground Fortress!
Start NPC: [Sentinel] Starden
Restrictions: Excluding Dark Elf

item Adena  - 13890
item Exp  - 21643
item SP  - 943

1Legacy of a Friend
Sentinel Starden is a veteran of the battle of the Underground Fortress. Rumiel the poet, a longtime friend and fellow soldier, died in battle and his poems were lost within the fortress. Starden asks you to find his old friend's works somewhere in the Underground Fortress. Hunt Baraq Orc fighters and Baraq Orc warrior leaders.\
NPC: Elven Fortress
item 1
item 1
item 1
item 1
2Return to Sentinel Starden
You've recovered all four poems written by Rumiel the poet. Take them to Sentinel Starden.\
NPC: Sentinel Starden


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