High Five

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Nerupa's Request (3-7)

Description: Nerup the caretaker of the Mother Tree, is seeking a volunteer to visit the village on her behalf. The Hierarch will not permit her to go there.
Start NPC: Nerupa
Restrictions: Elf

item Lesser Healing Potion  - 5
item Exp  - 1000

1Delivery of Goods
Trader Unoren asked Nerupa to collect silvery spidersilks for him. Nerupa doesn't want to enter the village and asks you to deliver the silvery spidersilks to Trader Unoren in the weapons shop and bring back a nightshade leaf.\
NPC: Trader Unoren
2Nightshade Leaf
Nightshade leaves are very rare. Fortunately, Trader Creamees of the magic shop has obtained a few of them. Go see him with Unoren's receipt.\
NPC: Trader Creamees
3Go to the Warehouse
Since nightshade leaf is so rare it has been stored in the warehouse. Take Creamees' ticket to Warehouse Keeper Julia.\
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Julia
4Goods to be Delivered to Nerupa
You've obtained the nightshade leaf that Creamees stored in the warehouse. Deliver it to Nerupa.\
NPC: Nerupa


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