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Protect the Water Source (12-18)

Description: Someone has intentionally poisoned the water supply of Elven Village! Hierarch Asterios is seeking a young volunteer to find and destroy this evil-doer to save the Mother Tree!
Start NPC: [Hierarch] Asterios
Restrictions: Elf

item Adena  - 18250

1In Search of the Source of Pollution
Elven Hierarch Asterios is concerned that the Mother Tree of the village is being contaminated. He asks you to visit its water source, the lake north of the village. Destroy the cause of the contamination, the plague zombies.\
NPC: Water Source
item 1
2Suspicious Corpse
You've obtained plague dust from a suspicious looking zombie. Could this be what Hierarch Asterios was talking about? Take it to him.\
NPC: Hierarch Asterios
3Ingredients for Purification Magic
It was a plague zombie, the spirit of a person who died from the plague. The dust from the zombie's flesh has been the cause of the contamination. A large amount of the dust is needed to perform a purification ritual. Hunt the plague zombies.\
NPC: Water Source
item 5
4Return to Hierarch Asterios
You've obtained enough plague dust for the purification ritual. Deliver it to Hierarch Asterios.\
NPC: Hierarch Asterios


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