High Five

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Recover Smuggled Goods (5-9)

Description: Warehouse Keeper Wilford is breaking the trade embargo against Gracia that was imposed after the recent war. He should be careful.
Start NPC: [Warehouse Keeper] Wilford
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Buckler  - 1

1Toad Hunting
Warehouse Keeper Wilford has been smuggling goods in violation of the embargo enacted after the war with Gracia. Recently, a merchant ship was stranded, spilling adamantine ore all over the shore. Much of the ore was recovered, but giant toads are swallowing what remains of it. Hunt the giant toads and recover the ore.\
NPC: The Lake Shore Near the School
item 20
2Return to Warehouse Keeper Wilford
You've recovered all the adamantine ore scattered on the shore. Take it to Warehouse Keeper Wilford.\
NPC: Warehouse Keeper


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