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Millennium Love (15-19)

Description: Thousands of years of the battles gave sadness to so many people. Lilith of Einhasad Temple lost her lover Theon from the horror of the battle. The ramification of the ancient battle with the devil, Beleth, still linger in this land. Lilith still grieves for her lost lover, Theon, at Einhasad Temple
Start NPC: Lilith
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - Undecided
item Flexible Reward  - Undecided

1Whereabouts of the Lost Lover
Lilith has pined for her lost love for over a thousand years in the temple of Talking Island. She lost her lover, Theon, in the war against Beleth. Because his body was never recovered, she has never accepted his death. She asks you to look for him on your way to Gludio.\
NPC: ???
2Lover's Diary
Master Baenedes bears a remarkable resemblance to Theon. He was one of his best students, and learned to use both the sword and bow from him. Sadly, Theon passed away to be with Eva several years ago. Baenedes asks you to deliver Theon's diary to Lilith.\
NPC: Lilith


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