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Shards of Golem (10-17)

Description: The roof of Einhasad Temple has collapsed! Help Magister Harrys restore the temple!
Start NPC: [Magister] Harrys
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Wooden Breastplate  - 1
item Exp  - 5000

1New Tools
A few days ago the roof of the temple was wrecked by a storm. Magister Harrys has asked Blacksmith Altran for tools with which to repair the roof. He asks you to pick up the tools from Blacksmith Altran.\
NPC: Blacksmith Altran
2Stone Hammer
Blacksmith Altran asks you to obtain shards of golem for him so he can make a new hammer.\
NPC: Talking Island, Western Territory
item 5
3Return to Blacksmith Altran
You have obtained five shards of golem. Take them to Blacksmith Altran and ask him to make a hammer for you.\
NPC: Blacksmith Altran
4Delivery of a Tool Box
Blacksmith Altran asks you to deliver the hammer and a tool box containing other tools to Magister Harrys.\
NPC: Magister Harrys


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