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Cure for Fever (15-21)

Description: The students of Einhovant's School of Magic have come down with a mysterious fever. Their teacher, Elias, is quite concerned.
Start NPC: Elias
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Round Shield  - 1
item Exp  - 13106
item SP  - 613

1Spider's Poison Sac
Elias, a Master at the School of Wizardry, has been gathering herbs in the northern woods with some students. The students have fallen ill, and Priest Yohanes has been asked to create a remedy. He needs the poison sacs of many spiders, and you are asked to bring them to him.\
NPC: Talking Island, Western Territory
item 1
2Creation of the Cure for the Fever
You have obtained the poison sacs of giant spiders. Take them immediately to Priest Yohanes and ask him to make the medicine!\
NPC: Priest Yohanes
3Treatment of the Fever
Priest Yohanes made fever medicine with the poison sacs you collected for him. Take the medicine for the students of the School of Wizardry to Master Elias immediately!\
NPC: Elias


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