High Five

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Path to Becoming an Elite Mercenary (40+)

Description: The Mercenary Captain says you have to demonstrate your capability to become an elite mercenary.
Start NPC: Not defined
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Elite Mercenary Certificate  - 1

1Becoming an Elite Mercenary
The Mercenary Captain has asked you to demonstrate your worth in order to become an elite mercenary. You must participate in a territory battle, kill 10 enemies, and destroy the territory catapult. \
NPC: {}
2Attack the Territory Catapult.
All enemies are killed, but the enemy's catapult is still needs to be destroyed. \
NPC: {}
3Kill all enemies
The enemy's catapult has been destroyed, but the war will continue as long as there are enemies remaining. Kill all enemies. \
NPC: {}
4To Mercenary Captain
All tasks that the Mercenary Captain has asked for have been accomplished. You should go see him and prove to him that you're fully capable of being an elite mercenary. \
NPC: {}


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