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Pailaka - Injured Dragon (73-77)

Description: Third Pailaka quest. Energy is included in the quest reward. Upon completing, a fixed amount of energy points are recovered. (If completion takes place while energy is full, you do not receive any additional energy.)
Start NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Pailaka Shirt A - 1
item Exp  - 28000000
item SP  - 2850000

1Request of the Ketra Orc
Darkness has closed in on the energy of fire. Once preparations are complete, enter Pailaka!\
2Pailaka's Orcs
Find the Ketra Orcs inside Pailaka.\
3Latan the Dragon of Fire
You must enhance the Spear of Silenos in order to defeat Latan the Dragon of Fire. Enhance the Spear of Silenos and defeat Latana!\
4The Returned Power of Fire
After Latana's defeat, the Ketra Orc Supporter appeared. Have a talk with him\\m


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