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Fallen Angel - Request of Dusk (38+)

Description: The Temple has asked the legendary information dealer, Shadow Fox, to help with finding the Fallen Angel. But Shadow Fox won't meet with just anybody. Warehouse Keeper Kluck says that you need to ask Warehouse Chief Natools about the necessary qualifications. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or
Start NPC: [Warehouse Chief] Natools
Restrictions: Completion of the Shadow Fox - 3 quest

item Adena  - 89046
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Request of Dusk
Among the two requests that Shadow Fox introduced, you selected the request of Preachers of Wilderness and Revolutionists of Dusk. Listen to what the request is about. \
NPC: Warehouse Chief Natools
2Revolutionary Ambition
The request of Revolutionists of Dusk is to find the location of the wounded angel and to secure the message by healing the angel. Meet Grand Master Tobias in Gludio Castle Town and follow his instructions.\
NPC: Grand Master Tobias
3Elder Casian
Grand Master Tobias says that Elder Casian in the wilderness has the healing medicine for the angel. Meet Casian and get the medicine. \
NPC: Elder Casian
4Heal the Angel
Elder Casian gives you the healing medicine for the angel and says that she can be found on the weathered rock. Go to find the angel and help her. And you need to put the angel's message in Echo Crystal. \
NPC: Weathered Rock
item 1
5To Tobias
The wounded angel's story about the creator of human and Shillien was shocking. I wonder what kind of impact the Echo Crystal containing this shocking story would have. Go back to Grand Master Tobias. \
NPC: Grand Master Tobias
item 1


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