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Fallen Angel - Request of Dawn (38+)

Description: The Temple has asked the legendary information dealer, Shadow Fox, to help with finding the Fallen Angel. But Shadow Fox won't meet with just anybody. Warehouse Keeper Kluck says that you need to ask Warehouse Chief Natools about the necessary qualifications. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or
Start NPC: [Warehouse Chief] Natools
Restrictions: Completion of the Shadow Fox - 3 quest

item Adena  - 92676
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Request of the Rulers of Dawn
Among the two requests that Shadow Fox introduced, you selected the request of the religious association and Rulers of Dawn. Continue to talk with Warehouse Chief Natools, who is actually Shadow Fox, to find out more about the request\
NPC: Warehouse Chief Natools
2Temple Intentions
Both the religious association and Rulers of Dawn believe that the fallen angel is the corrupt angel, and want to eliminate her. Meet High Priest Raymond in Gludio Castle Town and follow his instructions..\
NPC: High Priest Raymond
3Fallen Angel
High Priest Raymond says that Elder Casian in the wilderness has a clue to find out where the fallen angel is. He tells you to meet Casian to locate the angel, and eliminate her. Also, you need to bring the angel's blood as proof.\
NPC: Elder Casian
4Prophecy in the Ant Nest
Elder Casian says that the fallen angel can be found by using Prophetic Writings - Way of the God, but the preacher who was carrying it is missing after being attacked by the ants. Eliminate the ants in the ant nest and collect the pieces of 'Prophetic Writings - Way of the God' in order to locate the angel. Monsters to be hunted - Ant, Ant Captain, Ant Overseer, Ant Recruit, Ant Patrol, Ant Guard, Ant Soldier, Ant Warrior Captain, Noble Ant, Noble Ant Leader \
NPC: Ant Nest
item 30
5Fallen Angel Elimination
According to Prophetic Writings - Way of the God, you can call out the fallen angel if you sing a praise song on the weathered rock in the wilderness. мЦіClimb to the weathered rock and call out the angel to eliminate her right now\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Fallen Angel \
NPC: Weathered Rock
item 1
6Elimination Report
Finally, you eliminated the fallen angel and got her blood. Report it to High Priest Raymond in Gludio Castle Town right now.\
NPC: High Priest Raymond
item 1


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