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Shadow Fox - 2 (37+)

Description: The Temple has asked the legendary information dealer, Shadow Fox, to help with finding the Fallen Angel. But Shadow Fox won't meet with just anybody. Speak to Warehouse Keeper Kluck in Heine about the necessary qualifications. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the ques
Start NPC: [Warehouse Keeper] Kluck
Restrictions: Completion of the Shadow Fox - 1 quest

item Adena  - 18775
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Mid-Grade Test
You must pass Warehouse Keeper Clerk's test in order to become a Mid-Grade Agency. Continue to talk to him.\
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Kluck
2What the Goddess Left
Clerk's test is to find evidence of Sword of Othelotte which was granted to the Goddess Eva. Secure the code document of Sword of Goddess by visiting Dark Elven Magister Xenovia in Heine.\
NPC: Magister Xenovia
3Experiment Assistance
Dark Elven Magister Xenovia says that he will give you the code document of Sword of Goddess if you bring him enough Dark Oxides which can be produced from Dark Crystals that can be acquired from the monsters in Alligator Beach. If you bring 5 Dark Crystals to Xenovi you can carry out one experiment to produce Dark Oxides.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Crokian, Dailaon, Crokian Warrior, Parhit\
NPC: Alligator Beach
item Unlimited
item 3
4Test Complete
You acquired the code document of Sword of Goddess from Dark Elven Xenovia. Bring it to the Warehouse Clerk.\
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Kluck


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