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Temple Champion - 2 (36+)

Description: The Temple of Einhasad wishes to deliver a manifesto which declares that the angel's advent proves the legitimacy and primacy of the Temple over all opposition. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
Start NPC: [High Priest] Sylvain
Restrictions: Completion of the Temple Champion - 1 quest

item Adena  - 84593
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Position of the Temple
Conclusive evidence of the advent of the angel means a lot to the religious association established by Emperor Shunaiman who was in contact with the angel in the past. The religious association is going to send a manifesto to declare that the advent of the angel proves the legitimacy of the association to the groups against them. Talk to High Priest Sylvain in order to undertake the mission to deliver the manifesto.\
NPC: High Priest Sylvain
In order to deliver the manifesto, you must meet with Preacher Sla of Wilderness who can get in contact with the groups against the religious association. You need to ask Priestess Pupina in Town of Giran in order to meet Sla.\
NPC: Priestess Pupina
3Prove your Flexibility
Pupina believes that although there is truth in the religious association, they need to be changed. It is said that you need to have a certain level of flexibility in your attitude toward the rules of the religious association in order to meet Preacher Sla. You need to help Dark Elven Grand Master Angus, and then bring his letter of recommendation to Pupina in order to prove it.\
NPC: Grand Master Angus
4Dark Heirlooms
Dark Elven Grand Master Angus says that he needs the belongings of the Dark Elven trainee who was killed in an accident in Death Pass in order to prepare his funeral. Eliminate the monsters in Death Pass and bring his belongings to Grand Master Angus in Giran. Monsters to be hunted - Wyrm, Guardian Basilisk, Road Scavenger, Crimson Bind\
NPC: Death Pass
item 10
5Flexible Evidence
You received the letter of recommendation by helping Dark Elven Grand Master Angus in Town of Giran. Go back to Priestess Pupina and prove your flexibility.\
NPC: Priestess Pupina
6Preacher of the Wilderness
You proved your flexibility to Priestess Pupina. Pupina gives you the letter of recommendation and says that you will be able to talk to Preacher Sla if you have this letter. Meet with Preacher Sla with Pupina's letter of recommendation.\
NPC: Preacher Sla
7Preacher Sla's Position
Preacher Sla says that the religious association claims their legitimacy without any convincing evidence, and they are obsessed with proving their legitimacy because the foundation of the association was political and based on manipulated truth. He also says that it is wrong to establish power by using the name of the god. Deliver this message of Sla to High Priest Sylvain\
NPC: High Priest Sylvain


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