High Five

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Temple Champion - 1 (35+)

Description: Rumor has it an angel has descended from heaven! Speak with High Priest Sylvain for details. (Reward penalty applied if you are 6 or more levels higher than the quest level).
Start NPC: [High Priest] Sylvain
Restrictions: Completion of both Temple Executor and Temple Missionary quests

item Adena  - 69146
item Exp  - Undecided
item SP  - Undecided

1Proof of Qualification
In order to take on important missions of the religious association, you must pass High Priest Sylvain's oral test. Have a conversation with High Priest Sylvain..\
NPC: High Priest Sylvain
2Trace of Report
You are in charge of an important mission of the religious association because you passed High Priest Sylvain's oral test. The inspector sent by the religious association is missing at the execution ground. You must eliminate the monsters at the execution ground and bring the pieces of the inspector's report which was carried by the inspector. Monsters to be hunted - Amber Basilisk, Strain, Ghoul, Granite Golem, Dead Seeker, Hanged Man Ripper\
NPC: Execution Grounds
item 30
3Securing the Report
I have collected all the pieces of the inspector's report. Bring those to High Priest Sylvain right now\
NPC: High Priest Sylvain


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