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More Than Meets the Eye (50+)

Description: Hardin, an expert of Necromancy, has recently discovered a way to polymorph the appearance of various life forms. He continues his research in hopes of perfecting the process. He is looking for a strong adventurer to help him with the test.
Start NPC: Hardin
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 67550
item Transformation Sealbook: Onyx Beast  - 1

1Hardin's Research
Hardin, a Necromancer Grand Master heavily involved in researching Necromancy Magic, has discovered polymorph magic, the ability to transform someone's appearance. However, he is having difficulty stabilizing the soul of the subject of the magic. Listen to his story and find a way to help.\
NPC: Hardin
2Stabilized Ectoplasm
To create a structure appropriate for the polymorphed soul, Hardin requires Stabilized Ectoplasm. It can be obtained from Dark Elf Magister Errickin in Hunters Village. Go find him.\
NPC: Dark Elf Errickin
In order to produce Stabilized Ectoplasm, ectoplasm is obviously required. Ectoplasm can be obtained from the Mirrors and Forest of Mirrors Ghosts in the Forest of Mirrors. Collect the 35 Ectoplasms needed by Errickin.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Forest of Mirrors Ghost, Mirror\
NPC: The Forest of Mirrors
item 35
4Ectoplasm Collected
You have collected the 35 Ectoplasms needed. Return to Errickin in Hunters Village.\
NPC: Magister Errickin:
5Stabilized Ectoplasm Acquired
You have obtained Stabilized Ectoplasm from Errickin. Return to Hardin's Academy and give them to Hardin to continue his research.\
NPC: Hardin
6Blank Sealbook
According to Hardin, polymorph information must be engraved on the polymorpher. A Blank Sealbook is required in order to transfer information about Hardin's polymorph magic energy and engrave the polymorpher. Find Magister Clayton in Dion Town to obtain a Blank Sealbook.\
NPC: Magister Clayton
7Glass Jaguar Crystal
According to Magister Clayton, it will require 5 Glass Jaguar Crystals to make a Blank Sealbook as Hardin has requested. You can obtain Glass Jaguar Crystals from the Glass Jaguars who live on the Plains of Dion.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Glass Jaguar\
NPC: Plains of Dion
item 5
8Completed collecting the crystal of glass Jaguar
All the necessary Glass Jaguar Crystals have been collected. Give them to Magister Clayton.\
NPC: Magister Clayton
9Blank Sealbook Acquisition
You have acquired the Blank Sealbook from Magister Clayton. Hurry to Hardin.\
NPC: Hardin


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