High Five

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Matras' Curiosity (76+)

Description: Matras was among those sent to help build the Steel Citadel. Even now that his work is done, he is still up to something.
Start NPC: Matras
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 31210
item Rough Fire Ore  - 1
item Rough Water Ore  - 1
item Rough Earth Ore  - 1
item Rough Wind Ore  - 1
item Rough Dark Ore  - 1
item Rough Holy Ore  - 1

1Matras' Request
Matras has asked you to bring him the blueprints of the Tower to fulfill his curiosity. It is reported that Ranku and the Demon Prince have the blueprints.\
NPC: Steel Citadel
item 1
item 1
2Blueprint Found
You have collected the blueprints Matras requested. Return to Matras. \
NPC: Matras
item 1
item 1
3Blueprint Confirmation
Matras needs time to review the blueprints for authenticity. Visit Matras later. \
NPC: Matras


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