High Five

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Bird in a Cage (78+)

Description: Infiltrate the Crystal Oracle, where the Sea Dragon's Witch has been imprisoned, and rescue her.
Start NPC: Kanis
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - 250677
item SP  - 25019
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1The Crystal Oracle
Priest Kanis of the Crystal Oracle needs help to find the missing Witch of the Water Dragon. Go talk to him so you can hear the details.\
NPC: Priest Kanis
2Bird in a Cage
You have learned the mission details from Priest Kanis. As soon as you are ready, go to Sea Dragon Cave, located under the Isle of Prayer, and rescue Parme.
NPC: Witch Parme
3Fly Away, Bird
Finally the Witch has been saved. The found witch moved to somewhere else due to emergency. Deliver the witch's letter to Khanis.\
NPC: Priest Kanis


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