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Pailaka - Devil's Legacy (61-67)

Description: Second Pailaka quest. Energy is included in the quest reward. Upon completing, a fixed amount of energy points are recovered. (If completion takes place while energy is full, you do not receive any additional energy.)
Start NPC: Devil's Isle Survivor
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Pailaka Bracelet B - 1
item Exp  - 10800000
item SP  - 950000

1Pailaka of Devil's Isle
The power of darkness has enveloped Devil's Isle. Prepare to resolve the matter and go meet with the Devil's Isle Survivor.\
NPC: Devil's Isle Survivor
2Pailaka Guide
Once you enter Pailak someone will be there to help you. Meet him and begin your task!\
3Purge Devil's Isle
Defeat the pirates, enhance the Ancient Legacy Sword, and defeat the final boss Lematan!\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Kams, Hikoro, Alkaso, Gerber Lematan\
4Purged Devil's Isle
You have defeated Lematan! Speak with the Dwarven Adventurer who appeared beside yo and return to the original world!\


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