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The Name of Evil - 1 (76+)

Description: Thanks to the miraculous medicine, Mushika recovers from his illness. But he is more worried about the strange events occurring on the island than about his own health. He asks for your help in obtaining the epitaph he needs to discover the cause. It may be found at the ancient stone monument locat
Start NPC: Mushika
Restrictions: Completion of the Meeting the Elroki Quest

item Exp  - 859195
item SP  - 86603

1The Elroki Tribe's Dilemma
Following his recovery, Chief Mushika claims that his illness is somehow connected with the Lost Nest. He asks for your help in investigating its cause, which he says may affect the future of the entire Elroki people. \
NPC: Mushika
2By the Power of Shamanism!
Mushika believes that a danger to the Elroki lurks within the Lost Nest. He says that he needs the help of the Elrokian shaman Karakawei and asks you to go and meet with him. \
NPC: Karakawei
3Special Ritual
Shaman Karakawei is preparing a special ritual to call forth the souls of the ancient Elrokians. To perform the ritual, he needs you to hunt certain dinosaurs and bring back their bones and claws. \ \ Monsters to be hunted - Ornithomimus, Deinonychus
NPC: Lost Nest
item 2
item 2
4Ritual Ingredients
You have gathered all the Ornithomimus Claws and Deinonychus Bones needed for the ritual. Give the ingredients to Karakawei so he can begin the ceremony. \
NPC: Karakawei
5Find the Stone Statue!
Thanks to Karakawei's ritual, you have learned the location of the stone statue and the means of communicating with it. Speak to the stone about the relic that Mushika gave you. \
NPC: Ulu Kaimu
6Find Balu Kaimu
Ulu Kaimu confirmed that it is an ancient Pillar of Wisdom, but it does not possess full information about the relic. It tells you to find its kin, another Pillar named Balu Kaim and seek knowledge about the relic there. \
NPC: Balu Kaimu
7Hope in Chuta Kaimu
Balu Kaimu was also unable to tell you much about the ancient relic. It does, however, tell you about Chuta Kaim yet another Pillar of Wisdom and suggests you show it the relic. \
NPC: Chuta Kaimu
8Outsider of Fate
Chuta Kaimu informs you that the relic is a fragment of an ancient Elrokian weapon. It asks you to take an Epitaph of Wisdom back to the Elrokian chief Mushika.
NPC: Mushika


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