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Meeting the Elroki (75+)

Description: The old Primeval Isle explorer Marquez has received a letter from his friend, the Elroki chief Mushika. The chief asks Marquez to send him a brave young adventurer who can search the island for a cure for his mysterious illness.
Start NPC: Marquez
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 100013
item Exp  - 301922
item SP  - 30294

1Marquez's Request
The Humans and the Elrokians are currently hostile towards each other. Nevertheless, at the Primeval Isle's wharf, the old explorer Marquez asks you to help the Elroki tribe.
NPC: Mushika
2Mushika's Letter
Marquez is an old friend of Elroki Chief Mushik who lives on the Primeval Plains. Marquez tells you that Mushika is deathly ill and needs the help of an adventurer to find the cure. Travel inland to meet with Asamah, the chief's son, in order to learn the details. \
NPC: Mushika
3Mushika: Near Death
Mushika is too ill to speak coherently. Speak with his son Asamah instead. \
NPC: Asamah
4The Location of the Mysterious Medicine
Asamah Found out that there is a cure for his father's illness, but that the Elrokian shaman Karakawei knows more about it. Go talk to him.\
NPC: Karakawei
5Mantarasa Egg
The Elroki shaman Karakawei says that in order to cure Mushika's illness, you must find the Mantarasa Egg, which is located somewhere on the Primeval Isle.
NPC: Mantarasa Egg
6Acquiring the Mysterious Medicine
You have obtained the Mantarasa Egg, which can restore Mushika to health. Take it to Asamah, who is anxiously awaiting the cure. \
NPC: Asamah


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