High Five

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Last Imperial Prince (74-80)

Description: The Nameless Spirit at the entrance to the Four Sepulchers needs mortal help to pass through the magic force field created by his double.
Start NPC: Nameless Spirit
Restrictions: Antique Brooch

item Adena  - 150292
item Exp  - 902439
item SP  - 90067

1Go to Nurse Devorin
The Nameless Spirit asks you to meet Nurse Devorin in the Rune Township and learn the lyrics of the lullaby he listened to when he was young.\ Go to Devorin in the Rune Township.
NPC: Nurse Devorin
2Return to the Nameless Spirit
You listened to the lyrics of the lullaby sung by Nurse Devorin. Return to the Nameless Spirit.\
NPC: Nameless Spirit


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