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The Ocean of Distant Stars (39+)

Description: The railroad worker is haunted by a ghost who appears every night. What is the reason for the ghost's appearances? What is the Dwarf's dream?
Start NPC: [Railroad Worker] Abey
Restrictions: Come in the afternoon

item Adena  - 17647
item Exp  - 107387
item SP  - 7369

1Abey's Deep Sleep
Railroad Worker Abey cannot sleep because of the strange sounds she hears. Wait here until nightfall and tell Abey if something strange happens.\ \
NPC: ???
2Ghost's Request
The ghost of the Ancient Railroad Engineer appears and asks you to bring back a hammer with symbols carved in its handle. He says that the hammer is probably somewhere in the railroad station and a railroad worker also knows where…\
NPC: Railroad Worker
3Go to Railroad Worker Abey
Railroad Worker Obi says he doesn't know anything about the ghost. He tells you to talk to Abey when she wakes up in the afternoon.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Abey
4Search the Box
She thinks the hammer the ghost mentioned is probably in a box in the back of the station. \
NPC: Box
item 1
5Go to Abey
You've found the ancient hammer in the box. Take it to Railroad Worker Abey.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Abey
item 1
6Hammer of Riddles
You now have the hammer with the ancient symbols carved in the handle. Railroad Worker Obi probably knows about the hammer…\
NPC: Railroad Worker Obi
7Find the Lost Book
The book written about the Sky Wagon was stolen! Defeat the Bandits and recover the book.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Bandit Inspector, Bandit Warrior\
NPC: Plunderous Plains
item 1
8Return to Obi
You have rescued the book from the Bandits' clutches. Return to Railroad Worker Obi.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Obi
9The Original Hammer Owner
The hammer was used when the Sky Wagon was developed in the past. It seems like the ghost was one of the construction workers at that time. Take the hammer to the ghost. The ghost appears only at night.\
NPC: Ghost of an Ancient Railroad Engineer
10Go to the Sky Wagon Relic
Having lost all hope, the Ghost of an Ancient Railroad Engineer asks you to meet his friend at the Sky Wagon Relic.\
NPC: ???


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