High Five

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Beyond the Hills of Winter (30+)

Description: The Dwarven Village is frozen. If you travel along the route of the southbound railroad and over the icy hill, you will come to the Plunderous Plains.
Start NPC: [Gray Pillar Member] Filaur
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Exp  - 82729
item SP  - 4981
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Goods Purchased for Filaur
Gray Pillar's Filaur says he needs you to bring him the following items:\ 20 Bandages, 5 Energy Stones, 10 Keys of the Thief. When you get them all, return to Gray Pillar's Filaur.\
NPC: Filaur of the Gray Pillar
item 10
item 20
item 5
2Delivery for the Railroad Worker
Gray Pillar's Filaur has asked you to deliver supplies to Railroad Worker Obi in the Plunderous Plains just beyond the passage to the mining areas.\
NPC: Railroad Worker Obi


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