High Five

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In Search of the Nest (81+)

Description: According to the information gathered by the Golden Ram Mercenary Army, the Stakatos have a vile nest where they live and breed. Pierce is trying to find the entrance of the nest.
Start NPC: [Mercenary Captain] Pierce
Restrictions: Golden Ram Badge - Recruit or Golden Ram Badge - Soldier

item Adena  - 161500
item Exp  - 701500
item SP  - 50000

1Find the Scout
Mercenary Captain Pierce asks you to discover the fate of the scout he sent out. Follow the scout's path to see what happened. \
NPC: The Location Where Communication Ended
2Return to Pierce
You discovered a letter on the scout's corpse. Deliver it to Mercenary Captain Pierce. \
NPC: Mercenary Captain Pierce
item 1
3Go to Kahman
Mercenary Captain Pierce thanks you and tells you to see Kahman for your reward. \
NPC: Kahman


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